I’m working all day and periodically check tumblr, if I read a single game of thrones spoiler, I will shut down the website. REAL TALK. Tag your posts. 


So this is a lot of photos/updates, but I’ve been in Tokyo for 9 days for spring break and had little, if any, access to the internet. [Side note: go to Tokyo. Just go. You must.] 

First things first. When I drew the top panel back in August (!!) I had thought about subtly sticking it into the chapter and saying nothing about it, but then I thought a bit more. Tapastic deserves all the shoutouts it can get. Have some mascots.

RUN/NIGHT and For the Existentially Challenged have both updated, more than once in the case of FTEC. You can read the updates here, here, and here.

Happy spring! I think we can say that it’s finally getting here. At least on the East Coast.

Yo! Shout out to my home-girl, Jackie Leong for always bringing me the existential feels.

Emerald City Comic Con and Stuff

Hello hello.

So this weekend, I’ll be attending ECCC from Friday to Sunday. If any of you are planning on attending please feel free to leave us a message in our ask box so we can meet up, say hello and frolic, I guess.

I might have an extra t-shirt or two to hand out?


Hey there! I used to post a comic way back then in Tapastic called “The Dryad”. Just wanted to let ya know i’ve “revived” the comic and redid the entire story OuO

Here’s the link to the Tapastic page
And Here’s the link the Tumblr page